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Test Your Knowledge
of TV

  1. First host of the “Tonight Show” 
  2. The “Hollywood Squares” regular who played one of Samantha’s relatives on “Bewitched”
  3. “Superman” George Reeves had one of his first roles in this romantic movie blockbuster 
  4. Ken Osmond, aka “Eddie Haskell,” had a second career in this non-show business profession 
  5. This early-TV dad was one of the youngest people ever to become an Eagle Scout
  6. Britain’s “Till Death Us Do Part” inspired which classic American comedy?
  7. Variety show originally called “Toast of the Town”
  8. This drama was introduced each week with the words “Man. Woman. Birth. Death. Infinity.”
  9. Puerto Rican singer/songwriter who created the theme song for “Chico and the Man”
  10. The first actress to play Police Officer Chris Cagney       a)Meg Foster     b)Adrienne Barbeau       c)Loretta Swit       d) Peggy Lipton
  11.  “Bionic Woman” Jaime Sommers’ profession before the accident      a) teacher     b) tennis pro     c) social worker     d) astronaut   
  12. Elinor Donahue from “Father Knows Best” appeared in which “Star Trek” episode?     a) “Metamorphosis”   b) “Cat’s Paw”   c) “Shore Leave”    d) “Spock’s Brain”