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Test Your Knowledge
of Rock 'n Roll

  1. The first rock album to win a Grammy (1967)
  2. Jimmy Carter quoted this songwriter in his inaugural speech 
  3. Van Morrison’s original band
  4. This folk singer is the subject of CS&N’s "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"
  5. This classic 60’s record featured a Jew’s harp, sleighbells and a harpsichord
  6. This Southern blues/rock band member played guitar with Eric Clapton on “Layla”
  7. Keyboardist Reginald Dwight is better known as:
  8. This word for an African guitar became the stage name of an R&B artist who invented a distinctive rhythm 
  9. The Ouija board was the source for the stage name of this 70’s hard-rocker
  10. What was Fats Domino’s birth name?  a)Clarence    b)Antoine     c)Charles     d)Maurice
  11.  Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” describes events in which country? a)France    b)USA    c)Belgium     d)Switzerland
  12. Creator of the first video to win a Grammy  a)David Bowie     b)Phil Collins     c)Michael Nesmith     d)Michael Jackson