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"Watch Out Sukodu!! I love puzzle games, word searches and crosswords. This is a good pairing of two of my favorites. What a fun game!! The challenge is when you see a word in the search grid and try to match it to a clue. This was a great deal of fun and a nice way to keep my mind sharp. I hope there are more to come!" K. April Holgate

"A Great Twist to Crossword Puzzles ... I was never really a fan of crossword puzzles until now. These puzzles nicely combine the elements of a word search and crossword puzzle ... I really enjoyed it .... You can't go wrong." Succinct Reviews "Pirulina"

"Crosswords are usually too hard or too easy for me, and word searches are always too easy. These CrosScan puzzles turned out to be just right. I really didn't expect this, but really appreciate it ... All of the answers to a puzzle are related in some way, which helps you narrow down the harder answers. Also, after all of the answers have been found, the uncircled letters form a quote which relates to the theme of the puzzle, which also helps you finish the puzzle at the end ... The clues and answers all turned out to be reasonable (unlike many crazy crosswords that I've tried to solve).  Having tried many novel puzzles and been mildly disappointed, I really appreciate finding this gem."
Chris McMullen

"Fun! I love word search puzzles but was never good at crosswords. This book combines both and adds some fun if you are looking for a more challenging search puzzle. Something different from the norm." "fluffnstuff"

"A new take on an old idea
... The CrosScan puzzles are hard to put down. They require some serious out-out-the-box thought ... When I became aware of the double-meaning clues, I felt so clever!" JoAnn Yano

"I have had the book of CrosScan puzzles for several weeks now, and I am rapidly becoming addicted to them!" Anne M. Friedman

"... they are challenging and fun to complete. I certainly recommend CrosScans for a change of scene."

Each book contains
84 puzzles.

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