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01    Simplest Things (A-7, M-4)
02    The Midnight Blues (A-7, M-5)
03    Difficult Territory (A-6, M-4)
05    Herringbone Filters (A-6, M-6)
06    Trouble in the East (A-7, M-7)
07    Rectangle Vestige (A-?, M-5)
08    Magical Fifteen (A-8, M-6)
09    Feminine Features (A-7, M-7)
10    Image with No Name (A-7, M-7)
11    Festival of Lights (A-8, M-6)
12    Hexapentabrot (A-7, M-6)
13    Popcorn Eruption (A-8, M-7)
14    Battle in the Deep (A-8, M-8)
15    Avuncular Fractal (A-7, M-7)
16    Tulip Trouble (A-9, M-5)
17    Divine Revelation (A-9, M-5)
18    Webs of Passion (A-7, M-5)
19    Twelve Out, Ten In (A-6, M-7)
20    The Cubic Minute (A-8, M-6)
21    The 33rd Degree (A-7, M-5)
22    In a Hyper-Minibrot (A-7, M-9)
23    TheGreatestMystery(A-8, M-10)
24    HyperMandelScene (A-7, M-9)
26    HyperSeahorses (A-6, M-9)
27    Jumping Jacks
28    Augmented Minibrot (A-8, M-8)
29    TheUpperMagnitude (A-7, M-?)
30    Something New (A-7, M-8.5)
31    The Inside Story (A-7, M-7)

02    Unresolved Magic (A-5, M-7)
03    The Big Break-Up (A-5, M-8)
04    Out on a Limb (A-4, M-3)
05    Supernova (A-8, M-8)
06    The Minor Enigma (A-7, M-6)
07    A Sweet Tooth (A-7, M-6)
09    Satin Ribbons (A-7, M-6)
10    A Brot with a Lot (A-9, M-6)
11    Island Universe (A-7, M-5)
12    Prickly Star (A-7, M-5)
13    XMarkstheMinibrot (A-7, M-7)
14    The Mysterious East (A-8, M-7)
15    Loch Mandy Monster (A-6, M-5)
16    Real or Unreal (A-7, M-6)
17    The Holy Trinity (A-7, M-7)
18    Arc of Destruction (A-6, M-8)
19    A Mandelbrot Scene (A-8, M-3)
20    A New Orientation (A-5, M-7)
21    Slowly I Turn (A-8, M-5)
23    Elephant Star (A-6, M-5)
24    Ants in the Fractl (A-7, M-7)
25    Tree in Isolation (A-6, M-5)
26    A Very Deep Scepter (A-8, M-3)
27    The Second Scepter (A-6, M-3)
28    Lost and All Alone (A-6, M-6)

02    The Seventh Heaven (A-6, M-7)
03    Extra-Rich Seven (A-7, M-8)
04    Five Purple Peaks (A-6, M-8)
05    4-Cornered Minibrot (A-8, M-7)
06    Strawberry Fractal (A-8.5, M-7)
07    Fractal Rat's Nest (A-8, M-7.5)
08    The Long Arm of Math (A-7, M-6)
09    Down in the Dumps (A-8, M-5)
10    Cobweb Country (A-8, M-5)
11    Bits and Pieces (A-8.5, M-5)
12    Sugared Nonagon (A-8, M-5)
13    Elusive Butterfly (A-8, M-6)
14    Seven Butterflies (A-7, M-6)
15    This Is A Fractal (A-7, M-7)
16    A Negative Outlook (A-7, M-7)
17    Random Arabesque (A-8, M-7)
18    A Bad Case of Zits (A-7, M-7)
19    The Shy One (A-7, M-7)
20    Hairpin Curves (A-8, M-8)
22    Delightful Tapestry (A-7, M-7)
23    The Stars of Dawn (A-8, M-7)
24    Crispy Critters (A-7, M-6)
25    Lofty Aspirations (A-8, M-7)
26    The Eighth Dimension (A-6, M-8)
27    Mystery Epicycles (A-7, M-9)
28    Super Hyper Ultra (A-7, M-8)
30    Patterns in Nothing (A-8, M-9)
31    HyperMandel Amok (A-8, M-9)
01    End of the Quest (A-8, M-9.7)
02    Terraces Without End (A-7, M-6)
04    Highly Charged (A-9, M-4)
05    The Infinite Beyond (A-7, M-6)
06    Cozy Quadrilateral (A-8, M-5)
07    An Inner Ringworld (A-8, M-6)
08    The Past Returns (A-6, M-5)
09    Ghostly Attractor (A-7, M-4)
10    Coronal Discharge (A-8, M-6)
11    Boltzmann Brains!! (A-7, M-7)
13    QueenAnne'sLace  (A-8.5, M-4)
14    Buried in Chaos (A-7, M-7)
15    AnUnexpectedAnswer (A-7,M-7)
16    Metamorphosis (A-7,M-7)
17    Antibifurcation (A-7,M-9)
18    Sandy Scenery (A-8,M-8)
20    Two Full Elevenths (A-7,M-7)
21    A Split Opinion (A-8, M-5)
22    Broken Perfection (A-7, M-6)
23    It's Not Quadratic (A-7, M-6)
24    Return to Basics (A-7, M-3)
25    Koilon Bubbles (A-8, M-7)
27    Saucer Convention (A-10, M-10)
28    Fractal Anticlimax (A-7, M-6)
29    TheFourthDimension (A-6,M-7)
30    Uncoordinated Color (A-5,M-5)

01    Close But No Prize (A-6, M-6)
02    How Low Are We? (A-7, M-8)
04    Sandy Spectacle (A-7, M-6)
05    Rectangle Homicide (A-7, M-7)
06    Surprisingly Simple (A-7, M-6)
07    The Shadow of Doom (A-6, M-8)
08    Something is Wrong (A-6, M-9)
09    Krakatoa Eruption (A-9, M-8)
10    Depths of the East (A-8, M-8)
11    Center of Attention (A-8, M-6)
13    Maximum Festivity (A-7, M-7)
15    Encore (A-8, M-7)
16    Bud Menagerie (A-4, M-8)
18    Three-Cornered Fractal (A-6, M-5)
16    String Along with Me (A-7, M-8)
17    Superposition (A-8, M-8)
19    A Cubic Conundrum (A-8, M-6)
21    Fractal Yuletime (A-6, M-8)
22    Random Messenger (A-5, M-5)
24    Sin of Commission (A-8, M-5)
26    Retrogression (A-7, M-3)
29    A Stray Undekabrot (A-6, M-5)
01    Octagonal Activity (A-6, M-7)
04    Cloven Hoof (A-5, M-7)
06    Donut World (A-8, M-7)
08    A Skewed Outlook (A-7, M-8)
10    SpotsBefore theEyes(A-7,M-6)
13    Solar Prominences (A-7,M-7)
15    A Sallow Complexion (A-4,M-6)
20    It's in the Parent (A-7,M-7)
21    Hi-Order Hijinks (A-7,M-7)
24    Soft Landing (A-7,M-6)
25    Peaches and Plums (A-7,M-2)
28    The Blues on Parade (A-7,M-7)
30    Countdown to Earth (A-6,M-6)
31    On the Other Side (A-7,M-5)

01    An Ocean View (A-7, M-7)
04    Squarely Rooted (A-8, M-5)
07    The FMOD Cycle (A-7, M-8)
10    Miracle Fractal (A-8, M-8)
11    Golden Perfection (A-7, M-8)
13    Rectangle Regress (A-5, M-8)
14    Rectangle Breakup (A-6, M-7)
18    Blattaria Specimen (A-6, M-7)
19    1.4142 Minibrot (A-8, M-5)
22    Rectangle's Cousin (A-8, M-7)
24    A Forgotten Region (A-8, M-7)
25    Half Hyperspiral (A-5, M-6)
28    Spiralling Inward (A-8, M-6)
31    A Strange Scene (A-6, M-5)

04    Island Universe (A-7, M-8)
08    Another First (A-7, M-8)
11    Fiery Fingers (A-8, M-8)
14    Small But Impressive (A-8, M-7)
16    Bogus Minibrot (A-8, M-6)
18    The Holy Prophet (A-8, M-6)
21    The Bright Side (A-6, M-8)
22    Eight Buttons (A-7, M-7)
25    Intricate Web (A-8, M-8)
26    Briskly Efficient (A-8, M-5)
29    Pinwheels in the Dusk (A-8, M-6)
01    Timely Textures (A-7, M-5)
05    Dragon Claws (A-6, M-5)
06    Scientific Wonder (A-7, M-6)
08    PI in PI (A-6, M-7)
09    Epsilon in Epsilon (A-7, M-7)
10    PHI in PHI (A-7, M-6)
13    A High Time (A-8, M-6)
14    In A Petri Dish (A-8, M-5)
15    Flower of Power (A-8, M-5)
16    Ever-Burning Lamp (A-8, M-7)
17    Farmer's Market (A-7, M-5)
19    The Warm Fuzzies (A-6, M-6)
20    Scalloped Elements (A-6, M-6)
21    Pisces Ascending (A-6, M-6)
24    Captain Smedley (A-5, M-6)
27    Comb Filters (A-8, M-5)
30    Almost a Julia Set (A-7, M-7)
31    New Near-Julia-Set (A-8, M-8)

03    Poachers Afoot (A-7, M-3)
04    Fire Beast (A-8, M-7)
06    Signs in the Sky (A-8, M-9)
07    The Great Paradox (A-9, M-9.5)
09    Deep Blue Nowhere (A-8.5, M-7)
10    In Reverse (A-8, M-7)
11    Minibrot Plus (A-7, M-7)
13    Hyperhexabrot (A-8, M-7)
14    The Great Luau (A-8, M-6)
16    Wheel in the Sky (A-8, M-6)
17    Ouch! (A-6, M-6)
19    Organized Disorder (A-6, M-6)
20    Starbrot (A-8, M-6)
21    Strange Happenings (A-7, M-8)
23    Pyramid in Sight (A-8, M-6)
26    Vision of a Distant Sea (A-7, M-7)
02    The Great Eructor (A-6, M-6)
05    Threads of Valleys (A-?, M-8)
08    A Vast Wilderness (A-5, M-3)
09    Harlequin Hijinks (A-7, M-3)
11    Mandel Re-Entry (A-4, M-4)
12    Floating Elephants (A-5, M-5)
14    8TinyRein-Elephants (A-5, M-5)
15    A New Slice (A-7, M-3)
18    Point of Attraction (A-6, M-4)
21    Tongues of Fire (A-6, M-6)
30    Hidden Yugen (A-5, M-5)